Experience: Caregiver’s Journey is written by founder of VillageCore Yasmin Zahra Shah.  Buy Now from Amazon

This book will take you on a journey of two caregivers, Rosie and Lisa, through the various stages of caregiving for their parents, aunts and uncles. You will experience their fears, joys, frustrations, and creativity on the roller-coaster ride of caregiving. 




Dr. Andrew Scharlach is Professor of Aging at the School of Social Welfare at UC Berkley, and also directs the Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services.

“The stories that you share will continue to provide guidance for so many others.  I think that it could serve as a wonderful adjunct to a gerontology course, in the way that it reveals some of the real life challenges faced by older adults and their families, from the perspective of someone who knows.  I also think that this would be a great book for Health and Social Service Providers to hand out to patients/ clients and their families.”


Cheryl Lawler is a Board Certified Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst on the Faculty of the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute where she also served as President and Dean of Education.

“As a clinical Social Worker I have found this book extremely helpful for clients who are dealing with the declining health of a loved one for whom they are responsible. I often find the caregiver’s mental, physical and emotional health become compromised while sacrificing so much to tend to ailing family members. This book offers a much needed larger perspective that is often missing when one is in the throes of family crises. Rarely do we find such sensitivity to the dilemma faced when one is required to put one’s own life on the line to care for the ones they love.”


Dr. Lisa Krijger M.D. Internist

“Such a wonderful, generous of heart – Agree with each and every prior review. Such a wonderful, generous of heart, quick, page-turning and informative read. You can truly relate to each character. As a physician, I cannot tell you how many times I felt helplessly apologetic as I watched a caregiver struggle with the constantly changing demands, needs and day to day challenges of my patients (their parent(s)/ aunt/uncle). This book would have been so helpful to each and every one of them. So glad such an up-to-date informative book has been written. Many will benefit from the options for assistance and recommendations it provides. I expect it will save many a caregiver (and their family) precious time, sleep, and money and maybe even save the caregivers from future heartache, regret or guilt. Regardless, a fascinating read into the real lives of two busy women thrust into the uncharted nebulous world of “seenager” care.”


Dr. Sumati Rawat M.D. Nuerologist

“Must read for everyone with family and friends – Caregiver’s Journey is a tapestry of the complexities of modern aging. It weaves in a lot of very useful information in an engaging format. It is poignant, sometimes humorous, always kind and insightful, it is an intensely personal story. It strings in the external practical reality with the omnipresent emotional internal story. It is self reflecting without being neither deprecatory nor sanctimonious. It seems to come from a place of true compassion and insight. The honesty is startling, as the author is brave enough to share this with the reader.

It is simply a beautifully told narrative of our complicated relationships. It brings the reader to the realization that ready or not a caregiver’s role is an inevitable reality for anyone with family or friends. It would certainly be better to prepare and welcome the role. Reading this book will bring a certain vantage. The book is uplifting in spite of the formidable subject being tackled.”


Karen Faulkner is a Professor, Mom and Caregiver

“It is both a heartfelt sharing of the author’s experience and a practical guide to what to expect as one’s loved ones age and descriptions of various resources to deal … This book is very timely for me as I assume more and more responsibility for my aging mother. It is both a heartfelt sharing of the author’s experience and a practical guide to what to expect as one’s loved ones age and descriptions of various resources to deal with the various challenges along the way. I found the tips, particularly in the legal realm, to be quite up-to-date and practical. As the population ages, such a compassionate guide will become needed by a larger swath of caregivers.”