Experience Coach

One-on-One Experience Coaching

You can book an appointment with the author of Experience: Caregiver’s Journey and other experts for one-on-one experience coaching.  We define experience coach as someone who understands what you are experiencing.  They will listen to you with empathy, help you understand possible solutions and outcomes, while providing motivation and encouragement.

Experience Groups

You can participate in experience groups, where you will meet other caregivers over video conference calls going through similar experiences.  These discussion will be facilitated by an experience coach.

Experience Experts

Experts that serve as Experience Coaches have years of experience with challenges that seenagers and caregivers face daily.  They can provide better understanding of customer requirements and viability of adoption for solutions your company maybe developing.


** Experience coaches are not therapists and these sessions are not a replacement for professional therapy.  VillageCore or its affiliated experience coaches are not liable for any decisions you may make based on ANY discussions.  By scheduling a session for coaching or group discussion you agree to hold VillageCore and its affiliates not-liable for any decisions you make.


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