Our mission is to build Villages to enable seenagers to stay vibrant and independent with interdependence of their neighbors.  A Village where the information and tools you need to have fun, stay vibrant and remain independent exists.

We support caregivers by helping their seenagers age in their own homes with support of their community, and by providing online resources.


VillageCore’s vision is to support both seenagers and their caregivers.


We are focusing on building traditional Villages like the members of Village to Village Network in San Diego County.


We are a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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Message for Seenagers

We are celebrate our seniors and joyfully call them Seenagers!

Seenager is someone who has seen a lot in life and is aging.

Message to Caregivers


Our aim is to support your seenagers thereby supporting you.

You may not even realize you are a caregiver.