Connect. Share. Learn.

Building intergenerational connections for mutual learning: entrepreneurs and young tech minds join forces with senior wisdom and skills.

A Non-Profit Resource Center
Where Generations Connect.

A resource center where generations connect, combining entrepreneurial spirit and tech-savvy with senior wisdom. This collaboration shapes fulfilling futures for all ages, guiding each person’s journey into later life.

Why VillageCore

This resource center embodies the spirit of connection, sharing, and learning, fostering an environment where individuals unite to harness their collective abilities, insights, and experiences to support one another in crafting enriching life journeys as they embrace aging.

Through a vibrant array of workshops, discussions, creative brainstorming, and events, members engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, uncovering new pathways and opportunities. The center champions the perspective that aging is not just a phase of life but a gateway to unparalleled growth and fulfillment. It is a place where sharing life stories, acquiring new knowledge and skills, and forging meaningful social ties are the cornerstones of a thriving community.

Embracing the mantra “Connect. Share. Learn.”, the center advocates for an intergenerational dialogue where the seasoned wisdom of the elderly meets the innovative energy of young entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. This synergy not only bridges generational gaps but also empowers members to actively shape their futures, ensuring that every chapter of life is lived with purpose and joy.

Experience: Caregiving for Seniors: Stories that Lighten the Journey

This book was developed as a FUNDRAISER for VillageCore, a NON-PROFIT dedicated to building INTERGENERATIONAL connections for mutual learning.

Experience: Caregiving for Seniors by Yasmin Shah is a heartfelt guide for both caregivers and seniors. Through touching narratives and personal reflections, Shah offers invaluable insights and practical advice on the diverse roles and responsibilities of caregiving.

Caregivers will find support and tips for managing their duties, while seniors will find this book particularly important as it acknowledges their experiences, validates their feelings, and provides a roadmap for navigating the later stages of life with dignity and grace. It highlights the importance of understanding and planning for their needs, ensuring their voices are heard and their stories are shared.

Whether you’re new to caregiving or have years of experience, this book will inspire, comfort, and empower you through shared experiences and practical wisdom.


Design your next vibrant chapter by sharing your expertise, making meaningful connections, exploring valuable resources and participating in innovation.


Anyone in the village eager to assist seniors with vibrant aging, including caregivers, family, and friends.


At VillageCore, startups are matched with senior advisors who have relevant industry experience and knowledge.


As an expert you will be able to expand your reach to share your resources and expertise .


As an investor, reviewing live and hosted presentations combined with feedback from focus groups offers a time-efficient and comprehensive method to assess new opportunities.


As a Sponsor you will have the opportunity to reach a unique audience for education and feedback for your product or services.