Sales and Marketing Advisor




Proven experience in sales, marketing, and graphic design. Strong understanding of market research techniques and graphic design software. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, Graphic Design, Business Administration, or related field.

Job Description: 

Responsible for developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies, advising on graphic design integration, and enhancing brand and marketing materials. Ideal for creative and results-driven professionals.


Develop comprehensive sales and marketing strategies. Integrate graphic design principles into marketing campaigns. Conduct market research and analysis. Collaborate with marketing and design teams for brand consistency. Provide insights on digital marketing efforts and customer experience design. Mentor team members in best practices.

About Dependable Daughter:

Dependable Daughter was created to support individuals and caregivers find the right products to make life a little easier. We began by providing a compassionate and knowledgeable resource for those navigating incontinence. We focus on our client’s individual needs and suggest products that keep their skin dry to avoid rashes, provide superior absorbency to stop leaks, and feel comfortable to wear. As we grow, we continue to offer new products that continue to support our client’s wellness and make life a little less stressful.