Webinar and Tutorial Content Creator Intern




Currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a degree program in Education, Communications, Digital Media, or related field. Strong presentation and public speaking skills. Experience in creating and delivering online content. Proficient in using Zoom and digital content creation tools. Creative thinker with a strategic mindset.

Job Description: 

Seeking a creative and dynamic Webinar and Tutorial Content Creator Intern to develop, organize, and lead engaging webinars and tutorials on topics relevant to our mission. Ideal for individuals passionate about education, digital content creation, and community engagement.


Design and develop content for webinars and tutorials.Lead live webinar and tutorial sessions on Zoom. Collaborate with subject matter experts to identify topics and create content. Manage technical aspects of webinars and tutorials. Analyze participant feedback to improve content quality. Promote webinars and tutorials on various platforms.

About VillageCore:

This resource center embodies the spirit of connection, sharing, and learning, fostering an environment where individuals unite to harness their collective abilities, insights, and experiences to support one another in crafting enriching life journeys as they embrace aging.

Through a vibrant array of workshops, discussions, creative brainstorming, and events, members engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, uncovering new pathways and opportunities. The center champions the perspective that aging is not just a phase of life but a gateway to unparalleled growth and fulfillment. It is a place where sharing life stories, acquiring new knowledge and skills, and forging meaningful social ties are the cornerstones of a thriving community.

Embracing the mantra “Connect. Share. Learn.”, the center advocates for an intergenerational dialogue where the seasoned wisdom of the elderly meets the innovative energy of young entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. This synergy not only bridges generational gaps but also empowers members to actively shape their futures, ensuring that every chapter of life is lived with purpose and joy.