Expand your audience reach globally with Seniors, Caregivers and Organizations who serve them

Are you an entrepreneur with an invention that serves seniors, caregivers or companies who serve them?

Why Host an Event with VillageCore?
We’re here to support you in setting up focus groups with your target audience. These groups can give you valuable feedback on your invention. If you’re thinking about sharing samples of your product with a specific audience, we can help with that too. 

Easy Setup: Hosting an event is a breeze with our user-friendly platform and support team ready to assist you.

Take the Spotlight:
Elevate your reach and connect with a captivated audience actively seeking new perspectives.
Leave a lasting impact on curious minds eager to embrace your invention.

Join VillageCore Today

In a half our zoom session you will get to share your companies vision and mission.

We will post the recorded session on our social media channels. We will also promote your company on our website.